Automation, More Addicting Than Crack

After The Automation Mindset I received a very good positive response. A few people with the usual “great post man” but a few actually took it to heart. I know one individual specifically that it literally changed her entire business methods. Now she fired two of her employees because they’re “no longer needed”. They were copy/pasting all day, doing other bitch work such as posting articles on, etc. Now they’re all replaced with macro’s and scripts. Total money saved? Around $500 a month. Total productivity increase? Over 1000% (almost to say OVER 9000). Overall, the point is not only that now she’s doing things faster and it’s costing less, but a lot of other tasks can even help with automating daily life and keeping work in the background that doesn’t always need your undivided attention. Could you imagine how easy it would be to create a script that merely took all the word docs in a folder and uploaded them to ezinearticles, goarticles, etc every day? Now take into consideration how much it would actually help. What if the macro automatically also put a different link in each one from your network of sites for that niche? You just not only saved yourself time but completely automated link building for a network of sites. Really think about that.

The most little change can make the biggest impact on your results. What if you were able to automate the creation of wordpress blogs on your host? What if you could just type in the domain name, and a password and it’ll go set it up and change the admin password for you. Now let’s assume you can make a wordpress blog that makes you $50/month. How far of a stretch would it be to automate setting these up, so you can setup 50 of these a day? After a month, assuming they all will make $50 a month (yeah right, but still lets assume) – that’s (@ $10 per domain) a $15,000/month investment to make $75,000/month. Run it for 6 months, then sell the network off at 8 month value to someone else. Rinse, repeat. There’s your million dollar business. All from typing a damn word into a box, and laughing your way to the bank. Just to keep you from doing the math (and because I’m on so much Redbull it’s got me typing like it’s a contest) it would be 8 months * 75,000 == $600,000 (that’s 8 month value) plus the fact that it would have made you 6 month’s value which comes out to be $450,000. That’s $1,050,000 in 8 months. Will someone buy it? Uh, yeah. If not, sell it off in lots. But that’s just to keep you thinking. Not bad for typing a few words, huh? Now do you see where the mindset affects you like crack? Crack kills though, this just help you make life easier – whether that’s money or time, or both. Bonus: Think of making even more recurring income forcing them to host with you ;)

Automation can also do other little things like save your ass. Ask yourself this question – especially if you have a dedicated server. Do you have a script checking the server load every minute, and if it’s over … lets say 5ish … it text’s your cell phone and your server management company to investigate? Have you ever considered what 1 hour of downtime really can do to your business? What about your tracking links if you’re an affiliate marketer? Ever think of doing an MD5 sum of the landing page where the traffic ends up, and whenever it changes – text you? Or what if it doesn’t even get to the lander, text you? What if your money site or one of your microsites that is throwing links to you gets deindex’d? Text you? Take all of these into consideration. Lack of notice is probably one of the most important reasons companies lose money. That and corporate stupidity.

For the SEO’s out there, have you ever had a tool that does nothing but watch your competition? What new sites are in the top 50? What new sites hit the front page? What was their link velocity and numbers for the past 6 months? 6 weeks? 6 days? Where are their links coming from? How are they building them and how fast? From where? What if you had a script to snag those links too (trust me, it works very well har har)? Think about a way to get almost everything that you check daily yourself automated in some way, shape or form. Think about this. Would you consider it a good investment to pay someone like me $25,000 to automate everything for you that you do on a daily basis and send you 3 updates a day, one at 9 AM, one at noon, and one at 4:30 PM? How much easier would it make your life? Consider that.

Alright so enough theory and all of that jazz. Let’s give you an actual example. Give me a second here to prepare you with the following line: “yes I’m going to second tier whore this next site”. The reason is it’s almost impossible to actually not make money with them. So here’s the deal. They have datafeeds, and “instant shopping sites” etc. Here’s the part that makes it worth it.

  • You’re the brand. The users order through your site, and never leave your site. Think dropshipping.
  • It’s in a good niche (Pet Medication)
  • The sites are modifiable and easy to promote, including a 1000+ product store within an hour.
  • The staff -actually knows what they’re talking about-, which is rare as hell.
  • Residuals!!!
  • They handle the upsells, and on a 3 month order call the end user after 2.5 months asking if they need a refill. Bonus, eh?
  • Set price markups for your stores.
  • The rest you’ll see for yourself.

I’m even willing to help people out with 1-5K backlink packages for promotion. The 2nd tier is -that good-. Click –> Here’s the link for the company <– Click, for the ‘How did you hear about us’ put the URL to this post. I’m going to work on talking with them regarding expedited approval for you all. Now let’s get into the actual automated aspect of them. They’re an affiliate program that you can mark up the prices on the products, they do the store, act like a dropshipping company, pull stock when it’s not available, and handle support completely under YOUR brand that earns you residuals. Automation + this program = utter win. Not to mention one of the coders there has … how can I say this, experience in a fast paced automation-based industry that is not really mainstream anymore *cough*. He knows his shit. Anyway, I have a new post coming up about automating the entire system of putting up site networks. If these energy patches and redbull keep doing the trick it may be up today.

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23 Comments to Automation, More Addicting Than Crack
    • spyderman4g63
    • First post change my way of thinking. Now I can setup a blog full of content (any ways to monetize) in 7 minutes total. Even if they don’t do well i’m bound to make back to $7 for the domain name. Also APIs FTW.

    • Marc
    • How to guides + your affiliate link; gotta love em. Went ahead and signed up through your link for “the company” …wahoo, go me

    • spyderman4g63
    • When you automate with wordpress, what method do you use to post data and set posts dates? I have been doing this via XML-RPC (without post dating yet) and it seem slow as balls. I could do direct db updates, but I vhose xmlrpc because all the plugins will work. I don’t think the plugins would work with a direct update.

    • Paul
    • What about the content for all these WP blogs?

      Is it a lot of markov garbage, tons of automatically uploaded doc documents or something else?

    • zzrdv
    • I signed up under you, contempt. The only thing is that their site/forum/blog seems a little bit neglected (since about the end of April…).

      Have you been paid by them yet?

    • AffPortal
    • This is dead on… Automation is what had me up until 3 am and back up at 4 am to finish my new tool. Now I have a shiny new asset to throw together ppv campaigns with in literally seconds. Gives me a buzz thinking about it…

    • riddar
    • This is great but at the end of the day the corporate cash is where it’s at – same game, bigger cash….when someone comes up with a way to pimp this to fortune 5 then I will really be impressed – is that you?


    • Jason Venters
    • This reminds me of an auto maker. They don’t have one dude working to build one car at a time. They have robots do some of the work.

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