Link Farm Evolution … The Literal Evolution of Link Farms

Since I completely dropped the ball on getting that post out the day after the uBot one, I figure I’ll do it now. Boom shakalaka.

So let’s break this bitch down, we’re talkin’ bout…

Link Farm Evolution

So. Link Farm Evolution is software primarily being pitched by busin3ss. Upon looking at the software itself it’s priced into a simple sales page (see here). The entire suite itself is based on making longevity-based properties to upward link to your sites. In English, this means to have several properties running for a long time in a non-churn-and-burn methodology. These will create good properties that you can use long term to promote several niches if you wanted to. The whole point of having these is that within 3-6 months or faster, you could have 1500 PR3 properties where you can put whatever links that you want on them and turn it into cash.

Using this is probably one of the smartest things that you can do. With a little time every day put into this, after a month you could have a link farm network big enough to compare with some of the big boys. You won’t outrank them, but you’ll be within 10-15 spots – and that’s an accomplishment in itself. The bottom line is that LinkFarmEvolution is a low-hanging-fruit sex machine. It’ll help you conquer niches over 2-3 weeks that others don’t even see, pushing your sites to the top quickly. If used correctly, it’s one hell of a strong ass tool to have in your arsenal – if not THE strong ass tool in your arsenal, to which your other tools create power for.

In one of my other posts I put up this picture:

Now let me explain where LFE comes into play with this. If you’ll notice the level that says “WordPress’s, Bloggers, WPMU’s…” that’s pretty much is the description of Link Farm Evolution. I of course didn’t throw this in when I made the diagram itself because it wasn’t public at that time, but now I can actually say that. So the bottom line is that when it comes to the link networks I build, I trust on LFE to handle that tier for me. Thus far it hasn’t screwed anything up, and keeps producing great middle-tiers. Works great with XRumer under it, hint hint.

So let’s sum this up as much as we can. It’s great for middle tiers, produces great properties that usually won’t get penalized, works great with reinforcement, and is overall a vital part of all of the networks that I personally build – and probably yours as well if you purchase it.

So overall, I think it’s worth the $297. So again, this is a quick writeup of it just to give you an example of what it exactly is and how it works – hit me up in private if you need anything else regarding how to properly design and/or implement a link network using LinkFarmEvolution!

As for what other posts I need to throw out soon, and/or what I’ve been up to, more posts coming soon after I get a few more of these sites stable so I can use the information in posts. So don’t worry, I just don’t want to post shitty content to keep you on my blog doing this and that, I’d much rather only post when I have something good to post.


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10 Comments to Link Farm Evolution … The Literal Evolution of Link Farms
    • Mads
    • Isn’t it a bit dangerous to interlink everything like that?

      Although it takes more time, I would prefer creating separate groups of LFE blogs. Each group would then be used for specific sites, so google, etc. can’t easily spot and potentially kill all my sites.

    • Trevor
    • Thanks for the post Bofu2u, could you elaborate on the Micro Tier a little more? Are these usually web 2.0 properties or domains you own that you have posted niche micro content for?


    • Jason Venters
    • Glad to see a new, informative, juicy post like normal. I can see tons of power in it. This is surely a bomb dropper!

    • Jon
    • What kind of content do you fill your LFE blogs with? Is it 100% scraped dupe content? IVe just bought the software, but trying to figure out a plan to utilise it properley.

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