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Here’s something that most people dream about doing, but most will never get there – and here’s part of the way that I -would- do it (yes, would – not am, because I don’t even have enough time to finish this up). This is the literal step by step plan on how to blanket an industry over several different traffic sources, both free and paid so that it all ties together. You can skip the paid if you want, especially since most of that being automated may mess it up – but the others can be taken care of via some scripts/programs, etc.

The Online Marketing Blanket

We Cover Everything Broski

The first step within this is obviously setup a landing page, site where people can order, hub page, money site, whatever you want to call it. This is where the majority of your cash will be coming from. This should definitely be handled manually to make sure that it’s done correctly. Monetization, content, etc.

Step two is simple – use LFE to create a smaller site network where you can begin to drop links to your mini-nets and site hubs. This is a way to smother your smaller links with broader ones which will reinforce in numbers and upward carry the juice to the top. If you haven’t purchased LFE yet, make me some money and order via this link -> LFE. Now once you have the site network for LFE built (probably over a week or two) and you have it, either buy XRUMER or just a blast and evenly distribute links to your LFE hubs. If you have a friend with xrumer it shouldn’t be too hard to actually give that a shot. Now you have xrumer links going to LFE links that are going to mini-hub/site/microsite links, which are going to your money site. Nice eh? Keep on building out this network while factoring in direct links via trackbacks, comments, etc and you’ll be sittin’ pretty.

Step three – Make sure that you have ALL of the sites setup with an opt-in form so you can mail them with an autoresponder (I recommend Aweber to start). Example, “Free 10 day e-Course on how to lose 20 lbs!” with 10 days of 2 paragraphs + 1 affiliate link. Schwing! Passive income from linking networks is an utter win, especially since most people say you shouldn’t monetize them so they look legit. Let me ask you a question, when was the last time you saw a website that was only 5 pages in the weight loss niche without any form of monetization on it? Monetize the bitch with -something- that won’t necessarily link that site to your others. AdSense is alright, but don’t use it on all of them. The last thing you want someone to do is see “47 other sites with this AdSense ID” *click* and find your entire network.

Step four – Your network should auto scale itself. If you need help with automating the expansion, consult your local uBot guru and if you haven’t gotten it already and you’re not a programmer – get it. This is the only program out there that will allow you to do what I do without knowing how to program to a decently higher level of programming knowledge. In other words, use uBot to automate things such as LFE,, ArticlesBase, etc. YOU CAN DO IT! YAY!

Step five – You remember those autoresponders on the linking sites and opt-in forms? Make sure your affiliate links are using redirect scripts and/or prosper202 links. If the offer goes down or you find a better payout, redirect somewhere else instead of logging back into your email place (Aweber) and changing it.

Step six – If you’re feeling daring, try out some PPV. I’m just getting started in this myself but it’s decent for leadgen. Right now I’m using MediaTraffic (Ask for JIMMY – he’s straight to the point, call, tell him, he says ok, hang up, get it done) because I don’t feel comfortable enough in PPV yet to throw down a G for TV yet. Currently I’m just messing around with an opt-in page for Aweber on PPV, currently paying about 40-60 cents per double opt in. Not too shabby, that’s like 250% ROI on an email submit broski. It’s worth a shot, and if it doesn’t work out – it’s only 20 bucks for Aweber and like $200 for the initial deposit for MediaTraffic.

Step seven – Grab your copy of uBot and find some sites where you can just do the same iterations over and over to get your result. If that’s links, sales, whatever – find a site that is templated so you can write one bot for all of the sites. This will get you a lot more exposure and grow your opt-in list as well. Opt-in is key when it comes to things such as this, because it can turn one short-term click into a long-term revenue stream.

Step eight – PPC. Well, I’m not going to lie – if you want to know more about PPC go read this. Specifically point 6.

That’s all I can really think of right now but that should get you all thinking straight in regards to how to blanket a niche. Think of all of the different points and places where a person will go to read up on, check out, buy from etc a specific product or niche. Find those, and find a way to put yourself on there or in the way. Bank hard. Laugh. Grey Goose. Ryan Eagle. Bofu Their Wolfe. Stop. Bankin’time. Have a good one. And in all seriousness I really will try to post more often. Go buy something from one of my affiliate links so I can make monies online. :)

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9 Comments to Online Marketing Blanket – Cover It All
    • Pro
    • Hey Contempt,
      Another nice post. A nice plan for affiliate marketers. I haven’t heard about Media traffic before. I’ll check it out now.

    • medway
    • some really good posts here, as a user of lfe and ubot id love to see that article on using the two together.

    • Justme
    • So here’s a question about the setup. Do you link out to tons of your mini-hubs from the same few thousand LFE blogs, or do you link to a few hubs from a couple hundred LFE blogs and then create a new, separate group that does the same thing?

    • Grey
    • Very timely post, I’ve started to target entire industries instead of niches, myself. It makes linkbuilding between the sites not only LOOK natural, but it is natural. Have you tried using LFE to direct link to affiliate offers, like throwing in, say, clickbank hoplinks into your linkfarms?

    • Contempt
    • Yeah entire industries is a lot easier with hitting niches, believe you me. I’ve tried direct before but unless it’s in a position where people will actually click on it themselves it’s kind of useless imo.

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