Should Contempt be Brought Back?

I’ve had an influx in people lately asking if the blog will ever be back. I normally say “when I feel like I have good shit to post I will” but even that has fallen to the wayside lately. So here’s the deal:

If I can get enough interest on here to bring her back, I will (and with a new theme, because let’s be honest: this one’s really annoying now). Before you start thinking this is just a ploy to linkbait and get people to participate on my site, keep in mind I haven’t posted since May 24th 2010 – so this is legit. On top of bringing her back I’ll even put a schedule regarding posting (one post per X days/weeks) and I’ll try to come up with something lulzworthy that I’ll have to do if I don’t hit that posting frequency. So without further wasting your time, leave a comment and we’ll see where she ends up. Feel free to circulate this among your friends, whoever you think would benefit from reading it.

If you’re getting this link via a friend and have absolutely no idea who I am or what I write about, I implore you to check out the following 4 posts. They should give you a decently-rounded idea about what I’m about.

  1. Automation, More Addicting Than Crack
  2. Automated Data Integration
  3. The Automation Mindset
  4. Google’s Classification Algorithms

If you like that style, the way it makes you think and gets your gears going – then you’ll most likely like the types of posts that I’d write. I’m being dead serious about if there’s a good response I’ll get to it. So leave a comment, even if it’s just a “yes” or “hell yes” and that will be good enough.

I do want to clarify one thing though, if I set a frequency requirement on the types of information that I’ll be posting it won’t just be SEO. I’ll branch it across SEO, Automation, Programming, etc. I’ll try to keep it as closely related as possible, but I won’t just “post to post”. So with saying that, let’s see if we get a good response. Don’t have to be an avid reader from before to give feedback so let’s go. Leave a comment if you want MOARR!!!

If you’re read it this far, here’s a gift for you if you code in Ruby. Content spinner with TheBestSpinner integration for Ruby, unlimited depth spins, etc. I’ll add more to it later on if people use it. I just kind of keep it there because I use it and I don’t feel like transferring the extra 1 file on every new server I load her up on (ohhh noooo I iz so lazyyy). Laziness on my end means free code on yours.

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My name is Rob Adler and I'm an algo-holic. I spend most of my time coding, data mining, spidering and consulting for SEO. I hope the posts here are beneficial for you, and hopefully I can blow your mind every now and again.

62 Comments to Should Contempt be Brought Back?
    • EffingYes
    • Throwing my hat in the ring, I check this blog once and a while hoping for a new post….

    • Bofu2U
    • It’s comin’ son, you know I don’t like releasing a post unless it’s fucking stellar. Currently @ 1200 words and about half done.

    • Vinny Polston
    • Hey Bofu,

      Bring it back! I actually didn’t even know you had a blog til I saw the link in your footer on Wickedfire.. I’ve been a long time subscriber of micrositemasters. Just realized this post about bringing it back is from jan 2012 0_o

    • Mr Bitcoin
    • Everyday more and more humans enter the dark and unknown paths of SEO! I am also a bit upset that you only made one post after a couple years :/

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