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One concept that I’ve heard a lot about is the fact that social links may carry more weight than “regular” links. Well, duh. Let’s take it one step further though. Let’s use my Twitter account as an example and why I tweet.

Twitter’s system is extremely easy to use. Let’s also take a look at it from an SEO standpoint. If you google bofu2u you’ll see something in the realm of:
Results 110 of about 783 from for bofu2u. (0.21 seconds)

That’s 783 links on twitter to my twitter profile. That’s the same as 780ish backlinks to a single site, except it’s also internal dofollow linking. Let’s talk about nice power behind that. Now you take that concept and think about internal and upward linking. 783 backlinks to my profile (give or take a few), and my profile links to Contempt. So there’s an example, and of course we’ll ignore the fact that Twitter’s nofollow because everyone has their own darn opinion on that one.

Let’s do another example – and this’ll show not only why Digg is powerful as far as viral goes, but linking as well (not sure with the latest URL struct change, so I’m going off of like 2+ weeks ago). You submit an article, and digg it. Let’s say you favorite it. Now your profile has a link from every article you’ve dugg, and people that friend you link to you, and shouts. So if you have 200 mutual friends, and you’ve dugg 800 links, that’s theoretically 1000 internal links to your profile. Higher on the page == higher value of link juice passed, right?

So now let’s assume you submit an article, digg it, shout it, and favorite it. You’ve got it favorited so link juice from your profile goes to it, lets say 700 of those 1000’s power wise. You shout it out, that gets 10 other people to digg it. Let’s say they’re also in the same exact position as you. That’s 700 * 10 = 7000 internal juice going to your digg submission. Remember this is all theoretical and I’m trying to stress the concept, not the numbers. Once you understand the numbers you’ll probably be sitting there going *facepalm* “dumbshit this works with <insert site here>!”.

Anyway, I got a few bigger posts on the way yet but it’s just not time yet. So I hope this holds a few of you over. Also, if you want to mess with some social, ;)


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