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When BlueHatSEO released their Ping Crawl WordPress plugin, let me tell you – it looked perfect for the case study I was about to do. The only problem I could see was the number of backlinks it would generate would be too many too fast, especially for a smaller network. So my first task was I needed to take down the number of backlinks per post. I decided 1 per post would be good to just continually add automated backlinks on for a little while.

Next I decided that 1 per post was too many, considering the fact that I would be generating almost 1500 pages of content a day. 1500 backlinks per day to a blog that is pretty much completely crap… that wouldn’t be too good, now would it? I decided to take the trackback posts down to a frequency of one in five. Aka 1 out of every 5 posts would get 1 link (theoretically – do a search in the code for “rand” and you’ll find it).

Oh, and of course to make the plugin a little more automated friendly, it fetches those trackback links based on your TITLE, not your tags. The main reason I wanted this change was I wanted to use it for not only with my custom splogs, but I wanted to try it also with my Datapresser account.

So without further hesitation, here’s the code (and of course you’re not required to give me anything for the modifications, but I don’t mind a backlink or two. :))

Splog Ping Crawl Modification

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My name is Rob Adler and I'm an algo-holic. I spend most of my time coding, data mining, spidering and consulting for SEO. I hope the posts here are beneficial for you, and hopefully I can blow your mind every now and again.

35 Comments to Splog Ping Crawl
    • David
    • So, I’m testing this out (Eli’s version) on a white hat site to see what happens. I wonder about the quality of the links, and worry about things like linking to “bad neighborhoods” and PR leak, but we’ll see what happens. On thoughts on these issues from a white hat perspective?

      BTW your comment form has a really bad background/forground contrast issue going on.

    • Contempt
    • Yeah, I’m changing it quite soon.. It’s hurting my own eyes as well.

      As for the links… I wouldn’t worry too much about those, as mainly you’ll be alright in volume. Aka if you get 5 “spam” links its alright as long as the other 20 are legit.

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    • The Adsense Idiot
    • Thanks for the modification. Yeterday I tried the version Josh Team posted on his blog but it didnt seem to do anything. Then today I spotted a Google Alert for my domain and sure enough a trackback had been posted on someone elses blog. I’m giving your version a try now.

    • Contempt
    • Great! Thanks for the feedback. Make sure you remember it only has a 1 in 5 chance of posting a trackback per post, as it’s mainly for blackhat sites.

      The whole point of my version is to get backlinks without raising too many red flags. I forgot that part when I was doing 10000 articles a day (10000 / 5 = 2000 posts * 2 links per = 4000 links a day ;))

    • The Adsense Idiot
    • That was why I decided to use yours, I may not be posting that much (at least not on theadsenseidiot) but I still want to avoid looking like I’m spamming. Thanks btw for dropping in and commenting.

    • DW4
    • Hey Contempt

      I’d like to test your version of the plugin but since my network is tiny (less than 50 blogs) I’d like to be able get 1 or 2 trackback links per post per day.

      What would I need to change your line to to accomplish that?

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    • gottlike
    • ^^^ that sounds kinda gay.. ;)

      Anyhow, nice blog you got there! I’m in the process of setting up / writing useful tools myself and begin to like this more and more. I’m just a lil bit worried that I focus too much on the nerdy side of things and gathering knowledge instead of making teh moniez! Hm, ah well.. will dive into PPC for some quicker cash (hopefully!). I’ll be watching your blog.. hope your next post is not too far off.
      Have a nice day!

    • John
    • I am guessing this is all automatic.
      we dont need to touch it at all then.

      And is it activated ( works) when you “update” a post

    • Sid
    • Contempt, great plugin, a lot of thank man! Just one question, should I activate it and that’s all? He will be doing his black job ;) from the moment of activation, no need me to do something else?

    • WhackHat
    • Does anyone have a curl version of this that works with shared hosts? The mods I’ve seen elsewhere haven’t worked on the hosts I’ve tried (Dreamhost, MediaTemple).

      This version works great with HostGator, though.

    • ebizza
    • Hey comtempt, thanks again for this plugin mod.

      I’m planning to use this on 1000 blogs or so. Is this your only backlink strategy for a large blog farm?

      And also I’m using my blog farm not to pass link juice anywhere, but to drive traffic themselves.

    • Contempt
    • In what sense?

      Oh – you mean Yet Another Related Posts?

      I think it should work – but that’s more content than links. This kinda mimics it.

    • Klintron
    • I’ve released a hacked version of this that uses cURL so it should work with most shared hosts (I’ve tested it with Dreamhost, Media Temple, and HostGator).

      It also adds a settings menu that lets you choose between title, tag, and category as the basis for the Google search, allows you to choose how many links to post, and whether to verify the target sites accept pingbacks.

      I prefer not to verify that pingbacks are accepted, for three reasons: 1) I get better quality results 2) It seems like most of the pinged sites were “bait and switching” – they appear to accept pingbacks but the pingbacks aren’t posted (and even if they do they’re probably using “nofollow”). 3) It slows down posting.

      And yes, it works with WP 2.7

    • ebizza
    • klintron, thanks for the mod!

      build muscle guide, this will work anywhere wordpress is installed.

      take care of yourself

    • nlfast
    • I have tried both pingcrawl and linkcurl,they worked fine,but problem is they both post duplicate links,you may see the same links twice,I tried my best to correct it,but no idea.anyone has any idea?

    • ZK@Web Marketing Blog
    • Hey, the plugin looks great but Iā€™m having troubles activating the plugin. When I click activate I get the error:

      Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ā€˜}ā€™ in /home/My_Website/public_html/wp-content/plugins/PingCrawl/PingCrawl.php on line 12 Any suggestions? I updated to the most recent version of WP in hopes that it would make the plugin work but no such luck.
      Thank you for any help.

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