uBot – If You Can’t Code, uBot!

I’ve gotten a lot of questions and people asking about the best way to use uBot, whether it’s worth purchasing, etc. I have a general rule – if I’m asked the same question or topic at least five or so times, I’ll write a post about it. So here goes nothing:



  • Ease in Use
  • Newbies can learn how to use it quickly
  • Can write powerful automated tools, many that actually even rival mine in terms of what it can do.
  • Can be exported and given to friends to use (hint: outsourcing…)
  • Can even outsource captcha’s using the built-in technology (extra charge but extremely cheap for the captchas themselves, not a charge by uBot)
  • Ease in Use
  • Unlimited Possibilities, even into having it log into your bank accts and check your balances for you.
  • Could even make it find you a date on a friday night from CraigsList! (additional fee’s may apply)
  • Ease in Use
  • When combined with LinkFarmEvolution (FUCK YAH!) you can create automated linkfarms that get auto-created … Hint hint. Post coming soon.
  • The possibilities are literally endless.


  • uBot won’t do my homework, or yours.
  • uBot doesn’t come stock with a ‘make money’ button, but it does however allow you to make one.

All in all I must say I’m completely impressed with uBot. uBot is probably the best way to take the powerful programs and scripts that I have made over the years, and allow someone with no programming knowledge to pick it up and do almost the exact same thing. The power behind this is truly amazing and I must admit, I’m planning on making uBot a consistent component in my daily tasks for my staff (you know, when I find someone I can’t just replace with a script/program). But the bottom line is this is a blackhat seo and/or automation specialized blog, so I felt as if I had to do a review of uBot. It’s completely worth the cash, the staff are knowledgeable and know what they’re talking about. Seth is an amazing programmer and I won’t deny that, this suite is nothing short of flawless. Definitely give it a shot.

Oh, and you know me guys. I got you all a discount. ;) Original price is $245 I got it down to $199 for you all.

Order Link: Cheaaaa UBOT!
Coupon: bofizzle

Next is the review of LinkFarmEvolution, which will come tomorrow. Check out the sales page as well though, because uBot + LinkFarmEvolution = utter complete win.

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11 Comments to uBot – If You Can’t Code, uBot!
    • Contempt
    • I’m going for the trifecta, tomorrow a review of LFE (LinkFarmEvolution) and then on Friday.. A post on how to combine the two for automated link farms.

      If I’m really feelin’ frisky I’ll do my writeup about automated whitehat distribution with articles on Saturday… But don’t hold your breath on Saturday, that would be like the chances of me not getting goose/redbull at the club (and anyone that knows me will tell you we’re inseperable).

    • Joshua
    • Good stuff! I have Ubot, but haven’t gotten to the dirty with it yet, only a few email bots. Have looked a LFE, but not too much… looking forward to hearing about it.

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